Tech Associate Affiliate Program

We know that Audio Techs are the heroes of the music industry, and our goal is to assist you in offering the most value possible to the artists and musicians within your network.

The Benefits

With the ability to immediately resell our Unity IEMs the moment a musician needs or wants them, direct support from Plunge Audio, and a deep understanding of the product for localized service and support, this partnership will enhance your offering to the performing arts community.


1 set of Unity IEMs provided by Plunge to be available for local resale. Immediate restocking upon sale.


15% per IEM set sold.


1 complimentary set of Unity IEMs upon reselling 10 units, for personal use or reselling for 100% profit.


Dealer cost for replacement cables, cases, tips, and any forthcoming accessories.


Future distributor opportunities. Access higher volumes and lower costs-per-set for higher profits.

Please note, there are a limited number of affiliate spots available and not all applicants will be approved. We thank you for your interest in joining our program.