A man wearing IEMs and playing electric guitar during live performance.

The Unity IEM

A universal-fit so great, we stopped making customs.

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Marco Desgagne wearing IEMs and playing electric guitar during live performance.James Bundy wearing IEMs and dressed in black adjusting controls on a mixing board.

Our Family

The Unity Community

From Grammy winners to rising stars, here are some of the talented musicians who place their trust in Plunge Audio IEMs.

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Our Story

The Musicians Behind the Monitors

Find out how it all began and get to know our dedicated team.

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Man's hands building IEMs under a spotlight with small tools surrounding.


Tech Specs

From meticulously tuned frequency spectra to patented shell designs tailored to human ear anatomy, every detail is crafted to perfection.

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"Holy hell…You’ve unlocked something in IEMs I’ve never heard. The depth/clarity is unreal. This is the midrange I’ve been after in IEMs for years. These are hands down the best IEMs I’ve ever had."

Spencer Cheyne

“…effortless, free from any musical restraints. It just flows, and the music makes sense through your IEMs. I have IEMs that go higher, deeper, but few provide this level of 'naturalness,' comfort and enjoyment.”

Ahmet Dalyan

“…they are AMAZING!! They fit like a freaking glove, no popping in and out when I open my mouth, no bleed and the sound is INCREDIBLE!…thank YOU for making the best ears.”

Therese Curatolo

“I’ve never had much luck with Custom Moulds and frankly I was ok with my Shure’s for years. But after today, there is a NEW standard.”

Otis Williams

“The hype is real. These things are rippin…you’re onto something incredible and unique here. Everyone is raving about them. For the price point you just can’t go wrong.”

John Sponarski

Scott Smith wearing IEMs and a hat plays an acoustic guitar under a spotlight.