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Leave Custom IEM's behind

Unity Universal fit In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) are engineered to perform like customs at the price of universals

We can explain.

In the old days, the pros consistently chose custom IEMs over universal IEMs.


IEM manufacturers put their time and energy into customs rather than universals because, in theory, they are made to fit each ear comfortably and securely for the ultimate sound quality.

So what's the Problem?!

Custom IEMs fit perfectly the day you get them. Immediately after, the clock starts ticking until they don’t fit right. If you lose or gain weight, they won’t fit correctly. Medications, getting sick, surgeries, even swimming can impact the fit.

Plunge Unity IEMs are engineered to operate with the same sound quality as customs, but at 1/3 the cost and with a fit that will last forever. Unity IEMs feature a Patent Pending (No. 221187) shell design with a shape, canal entrance, and nozzle angle specific to your ear’s anatomy, for a truly organic fit that matches a Custom-IEM (-28dB Attenuation) with all the benefits of a Universal-fit product. 

Encounter the widest soundstage available to ensure you hear exactly what you need without experiencing fatigue in any one range across the spectrum. Expect a level of detail that never gets harsh, an ultra-punchy low-end with quick transients, and mids that speak in all the right places.

Immersive 3D Listening Experience

Our Quad-Driver tubeless, damper-less design with a tuned acoustic nozzle chamber paints an ultra-wide 3-dimensional soundstage that creates a natural feeling of music all around you. 

Plunge Unity IEMs are the result of the persistent experimentation between professional musicians, acoustic technology experts, and audiologists to break the barriers of sound, comfort, design and usability. Our customers are masters of their craft that have earned the right to be demanding.

With Plunge Unity IEMs, you hear exactly what you want to hear with an image so wide and natural that you forget you’re wearing IEMs at all.

We want to prove that Unity IEMs are superior to traditional universals

We’re so confident in our Unity IEMs that we’ve given them a 90-day NO BS return policy. If you’re not completely blown away by how these perform, you get your money back. 

Simple as that.

Hear the music as the work of art it’s meant to be.

The more unified you are the better you’ll sound

The frequency spectrum is dialed to ensure the listening experience is both exciting and accurate. We prioritize balancing an ultra-wide 3-dimensional soundstage with the functionality of shape design, comfort, the finest cable, and a thoughtful storage case. 

The more unified you are the better you’ll sound

The frequency spectrum is dialed to ensure the listening experience is both exciting and accurate. We prioritize balancing an ultra-wide 3-dimensional soundstage with the functionality of shape design, comfort, the finest cable, and a thoughtful storage case. 

Unity Additional Features

  • Unique canal design ensures that you never have to worry about wax buildup or moisture getting in the way of a perfect sounding lEM again.
  • Proprietary case that is lightweight and astoundingly durable, with a design that helps keep your cable organized, your IEMs secure, and your cleaning tool + spare tips on hand and out of the way.
  • 8-wire 7nOCC Copper/Silver Alloy Multi-Stranded Cable. Beryllium Plated Copper MMCX Connection with Aluminum/Gold plated internal leads & contacts

Impedance: 36ohms @ 1kHz

Sensitivity: 94dB SPL @ 1kHz 250mVRmS

Response: 10Hz – 20kHz

Attenuation (Noise Isolation): -28dB


MSRP $1299 Save $300

Plunge Audio combined three areas of expertise to create our Unity IEM's

Frame 1

Audiology Expertise

Frame 2

Decades of live music experience

Frame 3

15 years of custom IEM engineering and manufacturing

After years of persistent innovation, Plunge Unity IEM’s deliver studio-level reference qualities you need to hear with the enjoyable experience you want.

Inventor & Professional Musician:
Simon Fisk

Before entering the world of Audiology and In-Ear Monitors, Simon Fisk was a revered and highly in-demand professional musician. He toured with world renowned artists such as Michael Kaeshammer and Jerry Granelli, and performed in venues of all shapes and sizes. Along the way, Simon developed a passion for sound design and began augmenting his musical performances with live sound engineering, recording engineering, and P.A. installation. After a decade of touring, Simon entered the hearing-aid industry and began practicing with several Audiologist at clinics in Calgary, Canada. From there he took training courses with two hearing aid manufacturers (Widex & Bernafon), including a two-week intensive in Germany with the world’s leading ear-mold building company: Egger Labor. Upon returning home, Simon developed an ear mold lab at Audiologic Solutions, which was the first of its kind to partner directly with a hearing aid clinic. He began building musician molds, hearing aid molds, and a variety of hearing protection molds. This experience, combined with his strong ties to live music performance, led him to begin researching and developing new ways to design and build in-ear monitors for musicians. His live performance experience taught him what a musician needs in a monitor, and furthermore, that there were simply no companies delivering a product to fulfill those needs. lt is out of this very need that PlungeAudio was born.

The product quality and industry leading customer service immediately set Plunge Audio apart from any other manufacturer, and through Simon’s existing connections in the music industry, Plunge Audio quickly gained momentum. Plunge Audio’s innovations quickly set the standard for the global in-ear manufacturing sector.They were the first company in the world to use 3D print techniques to print shells for in-ears, with all competitors eventually following suit there after. The innovations only began there, with an ever persisting rollout of manufacturing techniques, ear mold designs, sound designs, and quality control practices that continue to keep Plunge Audio at the forefront of the industry.

Through channeling his understanding of live performance, sound engineering, and audiology. Simon Fisk was able to create a sonic experience that would enable others to create at their highest of levels. His knowledge of in-ear sound design is unsurpassed, and he is becoming revered and renowned around the world now not only as a musician, but as a maker of the world’s most immersive and extraordinary in-ear monitors. A true entrepreneur, Simon Fisk embodies an incomparable drive and passion for creating sound that inspires.


1991-1995 ST. F.X.U. Bachelor of Music (Performance, Composition)
2005-2010 Audiologic Solutions Hearing Clinic
Clinical studies with Bart Eagles, M.Sc, R.Aud, Aud(C), & Yvonne Mrema Ph.D. Aud(C)
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