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Spotlight: Jess Moskaluke

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Get to know the fiercely talented Jess Moskaluke, the Canadian country powerhouse straight out of Saskatchewan and an artist we've had the pleasure of working with for many years. Jess shares her influences, memorable moments, and the importance of IEMs in her performances. Let's dive in.

What initially inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Honestly, it just kinda happened! Haha. I was in university and just taking every opportunity that came my way in music because I LOVED to sing. Still do, obviously. At some point I had to make the decision to take a break (....which I'm still on, haha) from University because music was occupying most of my time.

Can you share a memorable moment from your musical journey that has had a significant impact on you?

SO many. In terms of accolades, I think winning my first JUNO, being the only female in the category was a really (unexpected) but memorable moment. But there are all kinds of moments that happen in the strangest moments that are memorable to me that the public will likely never really see/hear about. Meeting new songwriters who are willing to explore new sounds with me. Hearing a story about how a song affected a fan's life. Electric live shows. It's a new one every day!

What influences have shaped your style of music?

I grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan. I really, truly, actually, and CURRENTLY am living in a country song. Country music has always been my first love, but when I was growing up listening to the radio, we had badass female artists like Shania Twain and Faith Hill exploring pop sounds in their country. And that's a huge part of where my sound comes from, too. Genre-bending, and letting all kinds of influences sneak into my music, whether it's pop or hip-hop, rock or otherwise.

If you could create a soundtrack for any historical event, which one would it be and why?

Oh man what an interesting question! Maybe the story of Terry Fox because I think his determination is incredibly inspiring. And it'd allow a lot of room for triumphant pump-up songs, and even some ballads since the ending is so bittersweet.

If you could teleport to any concert in history, which one would you attend and why?

I think Queen's Live-Aid set in 1985. I'd LOVE to first-hand see the way Freddie Mercury commands a crowd of that size. No plans. No tracks. Just a crazy voice and a wild amount of charisma.

If you could collaborate with any artist, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

So many - I probably answer this question every single time I'm asked, haha. But I've been a big fan of Hardy for a long time for all the same reasons I loved Shania and Faith for. He colours outside the lines and is really paving a wide open highway for country artists to insert inspiration from any genre in their music, and it's so freeing.

What's the most memorable feedback or reaction you've received from a fan?

I wrote a song about my hometown called "Mapdot", and we almost didn't record or release it. I really pushed hard for it because I knew if I felt that kind of pride over the place that I came from, SO many other people would feel ownership of that song too. And they do. I still get so many comments about that song and what it feels like to have an artist truly understand where a rural person comes from and why we love where we live.

What made you choose Plunge Audio IEMs for your performances?

I've been using Plunge for YEARS now. I was kinda just hunting around when I was in the market for a new set and had been hearing a ton about Plunge Audio IEMs and decided to give them a try. I'd genuinely never had a better experience with IEMS than the day that I made the change. Not only did they sound better, but they fit better, and Simon was hell-bent on making them sound even better than THAT with every single new model. The customer service is nothing short of amazing, so I always feel super supported.

What specific features do you look for when choosing IEMs for your performances?

For me it's a good fit. Crowd noise and/or a loud stage can really make it challenging to hear the key you're supposed to be singing in, and sometimes it's tough for a female vocal to cut through. So having a comfortable, solid fit makes a world of difference for me- solves a lot of problems.

What advice would you give to other musicians who are considering using IEMs for the first time?

Hahaha yes. My advice is to get a great monitor tech and hang on to them for dear life. (Love you BrenKen, Manny and Teej - never leave me.) Trying IEMs for the first time can be intimidating and feel really isolating. You'll eventually learn to love that though- it just takes some getting used to! IEMs are better for your hearing, and they allow you to hear pretty consistently ALL over the stage - not just standing front and centre in front of a wedge.

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Which IEMs does Jess Moskaluke use?

Unity IEMs

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