Unity IEM

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Unity IEMs are engineered to perform like customs at the price of universals.

  • Unique canal design ensures that you never have to worry about wax buildup or moisture getting in the way of a perfect sounding lEM again.
  • Revolutionary Fusion-Jet Nylon case for a lightweight and astoundingly durable case, with a design that helps keep your cable organized, your IEMs secure, and your cleaning tool + spare tips on hand and out of the way.
  • Intuitive cable design exclusively created to complement and enhance the characteristics of our signature sound.

2 reviews for Unity IEM

  1. Andrew Bugiera (verified owner)

    Plunge Audio IEMs are a game changer. I don’t know how I ever played live music before Plunge Audio.

  2. Curtis

    I called Simon in early 2023 by happenstance to ask if he could make me custom molded IEM’s. I originally was set up to purchase IEM’s with an American company, but had cold feet because of the cost and possible other unforeseen issues. After a 20 minute conversation, Simon had me convinced to try his new Universal IEM’s. Needless to say I’m very happy I made the choice to call Simon that day and have some sense talked in too me! There is a high probability of fit issues with custom IEM’s and I’m glad I was steered away from all the possible headaches and overall cash that would’ve been spent if the customs didn’t work.

    As low grade gigging basement drummer I’m the first to say that I’m no pro; but hot damn these IEM’s make me feel like I’m getting blasted with two 18″ Subs at a Pantera gig in 2001 when my kick drum is dialled in! I’m not only able to clearly hear my kick drum, I can also deduce the different tones each guitar player employ. So far I have a half dozen gigs on these, plus weekly practice and I’m very happy.

    These IEM’s have been a big win for me in world where finding new gear for my drumming interests is about the same a sorting through a pile of shit.

    Thanks for the help Simon!

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