Justin Kudding wearing IEMs and playing bass during live performance with a fish eye effect.

Premium IEMs in India

Unveiling our best in-ear monitors for producers, drummers, singers, musicians, and gamers in India. Crafted with high-tech specs and a damperless design, you experience a 3D soundstage feeling so immersive that you forget you are wearing an in-ear monitors at all.

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About the Unity IEM

IEMs Earbuds in India for Unmatched Audio Experiences

Experience an unmatched audio experience with the best IEMS in India, only at Plunge Audio. Our IEM offers a fit so comfy you forget about getting custom in-ear monitors. 

With an immersive soundstage, rich highs, soft lows, and intense bass, Plunge Audio promises an elevated music-listening experience. Hear what you want with zero noise disruption and extreme sound clarity. Get all you need in our fully equipped box, which includes Unity Universal IEMS, a Hardshell Case, a 50” MMCX Cable, Assorted Tips, and a Cleaning tool. 

Custom-Like Fit

Crafted from a patent-pending shell design derived explicitly from the anatomy of a human ear, our best IEM earphones effortlessly snug-fit into any human ear.

Precision and Clarity

Experience every sound detail to the fullest. From rich highs to clear mids and deep bass, enjoy an audio experience like never before.

Noise Cancellation

With an effortlessly snug-fit design and high-tech specs, focus on your audio without being distracted by external noise.

3D Listening Experience

With our quad-driver tubeless, damperless design, and an open acoustic mass nozzle, you experience a natural three-dimensional soundstage feeling.

“Blown away beyond all expectations. Yes, even in our quick listen we’ve gone through live recording, remasters, electronic stuff, and I will be completely honest, they are hands down the best sonic profile I’ve heard in a long time, the imaging is uncanny!”


“Wow, I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am with these IEMS... These feel exactly like what I’d expect a custom to feel like. Absolutely perfect seal and don’t even get me started on the sound. I’ve never experienced a soundstage this wide in an IEM before.”

Dawson B

“These are absolutely phenomenal, never knew things can be so accurate and very revealing in such a positive way! Feeling the lows in a tight manor, the mid bite that puts things to the front, and the top end clarity is extremely true to the source.”

Brad M

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From Grammy winners to rising stars, musicians across the globe put their trust in the best IEM earphones at Plunge Audio. Browse through some of the many artists who consider our Unity IEM earphones the best in-ear monitors for vocalists.


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