how do I get impressions?

Impressions should be done by a qualified audiologist. Good impressions are the number 1 way we can ensure a comfortable fit and proper seal of your IEM. 

With the jaw wide open (No bite block), the impression material should fill the entire ear with no voids. A deep, second bend canal impression and a full helix are essential for proper fit, retention, and for minimization of the occlusion effect. A good build up of material on the outer bowl of the ear will be necessary to create correct room for electronics and connections. The preaurical skin pit should be included in the impression to ensure proper placement of the cable connection.

do you do artist endorsements?

As a boutique shop, everything is made by hand through numerous meticulous steps. Our mission has always been to work openly and honestly with our clients, and help wherever we can to create an amazing sonic experience for all of our users. With Plunge, endorsement opportunities get created as we develop a strong working relationship together, and therefore we do not currently offer discounts or endorsements by request. Thank you for your understanding.

what is OCTAV tech?

OCTAV – Open Canal Tuned Acoustic Volume – is Plunge Audio’s unique approach to canal acoustic tuning and moisture avoidance. By opening up the canal to a large bore, OCTAV allows for more precise tuning opportunities. Just as important, OCTAV also reduces the number of issues caused by wax and moisture, as well as allowing easier access for cleaning tools and vacuums.

what is 3d Flex?

3D Flex Material is an innovative new resin for our 3D Printers that allows us to print hard shells that become softer and more pliable with your body temperature. This means that with the IEM in your ears for only a few minutes, the material will bend and flex with your ear canal, giving you the ultimate seal and comfort for long performances or listening sessions. This also makes these IEM the most durable IEM on the market – withstanding drops and hits with sticks!

This material comes at no extra cost to you, but is only available in a translucent colour or lacquered transparent clear. It can be printed upon by our UV printer, or the faceplates can be customized just like our other IEM.