Important Announcement

To our cherished Plunge Audio family:

2020 was a challenging time for those in all walks of life, with our music industry peers being no  exception. The demand for custom-made, professional IEMs has understandably been reduced  to a fraction of what it was. 

While we are still incredibly passionate about creating beautiful IEM’s, the new reality in the  marketplace has given us an opportunity to reassess the future of what Plunge Audio will create  and contribute to the community whom we’ve been privileged to work with thus far. Through  this process of evaluation, we’ve concluded that the future of IEMs will likely be reimagined for  the majority of the market, and therefore, effective February 1, 2021, Plunge Audio will be  scaling back and limiting our available models and aesthetic options for our custom-fit IEM’s,  and instead be focusing the majority of our resources on completing the development of, and  subsequently launching our universal-fit models. We feel it’s incredibly important now more than ever to focus on a product that embodies the signature sound that is Plunge Audio at a  price point and availability that is more accessible than a custom built/custom fitting IEM.  

We have been working tirelessly to create a universal-fit product that meets the highest of  standards that you’ve come to expect from us at Plunge Audio. No stone will be left unturned – fit, feel, beautiful aesthetic, durability, and of course the breathtaking sound that has always  been the center of everything we do.  

Know that we do not take this decision lightly and have determined that it is the correct measure to continue to create innovative and quality IEMs for musicians and audiophiles alike for the long term. We will be retaining the necessary equipment to continue servicing/repairing  existing Plunge Audio products and have no intention of reducing our capacity to care for our  Plunge Audio family in the same manner that you’ve come to expect. That said, there will be limited models and aesthetic options available through our servicing department. Please  contact us to inquire for more details. 

We are extremely excited about the growth opportunity that comes with pivoting into a  thriving market centered around universal-fit products. We look forward to sharing the  forthcoming products with you and are confident that it will be a continuation of the quality,  service and sound that have been the bedrock of Plunge Audio for the last 13 years.  

Warmest regards, 

Simon Fisk, Justin Kudding, and James Bundy 

Plunge Audio Inc.